ACEF 2018 Speaker

Yogaanandh Tanggaraju

Technical Director
Danish Energy Efficiency Partners


Yogaanandh Tanggaraju is the Technical Director/Chief Technical Officerof Danish Energy Efficiency Partners Sdn Bhd. Yogaanandh has a working experience of 14 years, managing carbon, energy andenvironmental related consultancy projects. As a professional, he is registered as a Registered Electrical Energy Manager, under the Malaysian Energy Commission. Over his 14 years working experience, Yogaanandh has mainly assisted and executed projects in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand (IMT). At present, Yogaanandh is in-charge of the technical matters for the Energy performance Contracting (EPC) in Melaka (Malaysia), Manila (The Philippines), Bangkok (Thailand) and the ESCO-EPC concept expansion in SEA.


  • Session 9: Building Energy Efficiency - A Focus on Cooling

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