Thematic Track Session 2.4

Energy Efficiency in Transport and Cities

Currently, half of the global population lives in cities. Cities account for two-thirds of global energy consumption and 70% of annual global carbon emissions. With increasing urbanization, the amount of energy used by transportation, buildings and cities is expected to increase considerably in Asia and the Pacific, where most of the housing is yet to be built. How can cities plan for a climate resilient future with energy efficiency at its core? What is the role of local governments in delivering energy efficiency investments across all sectors? How can cities embed energy efficiency in transport, water, buildings, street lighting and other sectors? How can energy efficiency investments be done by the private sector in cities with limited resources?

This session will cover a range of programs and initiative to optimize transportation planning and energy usage within city infrastructure. This session will include a review of ADB's investments into private-sector E-mobility businesses and solutions; the application of multi-stakeholder dialogue forums in Indonesia to design plans for energy-efficient and disaster-resilient city development and also to prioritize and design a national EV policy for Indonesia; the development of city decarbonization roadmaps, with a focus on the building and energy sectors for 43 cities of Maharashtra, India; and the Climate Group's innovative strategies for decarbonizing urban freight transport, with a focus on India's last-mile delivery market. Participants in this session participants will learn about a range of pioneering strategies and approaches that can drive energy efficiency in urban planning and the transport sectors.


11:00 - 11:05 a.m.

Introduction from Moderator

11:05 - 11:55 a.m.


ADB's Investments in E-Mobility

Won Myong Hong, Senior Investment Specialist, ADB

Empowering Dumaguete City’s Just Energy Transition

Noel Verdote, Lead, Deployment of Advanced Energy Sources and Systems, Energy Secure

Data Driven Carbon Neutral Disaster Resilient Cities - Energy Efficiency in Cities in Indonesia through Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues

Craig Menzies, Head of Energy Department, Global Factor International Consulting SL.

Cities as the Champions of Net-Zero: Development of Decarbonization Roadmaps for Energy and Building Sectors in 43 Cities

Nidhi Gupta, Associate Director, Environmental Design Solutions

Overview of Indonesia's Electric Vehicle Policy

Stania Puspawardhani, Energy Transition Manager, Center of Reform on Economics (CORE) Indonesia

Prioritising Decarbonisation Sectors for Transporters in Cities

Shivangi Dhingra, Programme Coordinator - Transport, Climate Group

If Technology Can't Deliver Carbon Free Cooling, Maybe a Business Model can

David Mackemess, Director / Steering Committee Member, Kaer/SET Alliance

11:55 a.m. - 12:25 p.m.

Panel Discussion and Q&A

12:25 - 12:30 p.m.