The Asian Development Bank (ADB), along with its co-organizers the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Korea Energy Agency (KEA), is delighted to invite clean energy practitioners from across the region—including government agencies, private sector, equipment and service providers, financiers, philanthropic organizations, researchers, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders—to join the 19th edition of the Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) 2024 in Manila to be held during 3–7 June 2024.

The theme of this year’s ACEF is “Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition and Ensuring Energy Security and Affordability – Time for Urgent Action Now”.

ACEF 2024 will be held amidst a complex global energy landscape. The macro-economic environment is marked by an increasingly constrained fiscal space, high borrowing costs, and market disruptions due to regional imbalances and geopolitical tensions that are affecting energy supply chains, energy prices and investments. Furthermore, the energy crisis is impacting the most vulnerable and poor groups, who can no longer afford basic energy services, and who are most vulnerable to climate risks.

The modelling scenarios developed by leading international energy organizations show the urgent need for a rapid uptake of clean energy investments within this decade to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. Access to blended finance solutions and concessional financing is increasingly imperative for developing member countries, developers, investors, and local financial institutions to ensure the necessary clean energy investments get on the fast-track in Asia and the Pacific region.

All these challenges are affecting the ability of governments and the private sector to rapidly finance and implement an increasing number of clean energy solutions, in line with their increased climate ambition. Ultimately, developing countries must urgently rethink their energy systems and policies to drive greater investment from the private sector towards bankable clean energy projects across power, heating, cooling, electricity transmission and distribution, energy intensive industries, transportation, buildings, manufacturing, critical minerals and many others. The problem is not lack of capital; indeed, the private sector will be ready to make the necessary investments if energy policies, plans and strategies are credible, transparent, predictable, stable and long-term.

ACEF has a nearly 20-year history of being the regional flagship forum where clean energy practitioners from across Asia convene to share insights and experience in the design and implementation of concrete actions that accelerate the financing of clean and efficient energy solutions. ACEF is a platform for increasing awareness and sharing knowledge about innovative and effective approaches - including policy and regulatory frameworks, business models, and financing solutions that improve energy security, enhance access to affordable energy, promote good governance, and encourage private sector participation.

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