ACEF Speaker 2021

Raekwon Chung

Board Member,
Ban Ki-moon Foundation for a Better Future

Pioneer of the concept of Green Growth since 2005 as director of UN ESCAP and published a report titled “Low Carbon Green Growth Roadmap” that presents strategies for stimulating economic growth and job creation by investing in climate actions and compiles best practices and success stories of Green Growth approaches that synergize climate actions and economic growth.

Participated in global climate change negotiations since 1991 as climate change Ambassador of Korea and as principal climate change advisor to UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and received a personal copy of Nobel Peace Prize 2007 awarded to IPCC in recognition of contribution to the IPCC special report on technology transfer.

Current Positions:
Chairman, International Award Committee, Global Energy Prize established by President Putin of Russia,
Board Director, Ban Ki-Moon Foundation for a Better Future

Former Positions:
Climate Change Ambassador, Korea,
Director, Environment and Development Division, UN ESCAP


  • Regional Session: Carbon Emissions Peaking in Asia and the Pacific (ADB - East Asia Regional Department)