The groundbreaking discussions at Glasgow, Scotland, during the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2021 (COP 26) recognized that in order to rapidly, deeply, and sustainably reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we will need to significantly accelerate action during this critical decade. For the first time, at COP 26, there were a number of global partnerships for action announced that provided significant momentum and shifted the locus of climate action toward issue- or sector-based discussions. These partnerships and alliance covered cooperation in areas such as climate finance, methane, forests, and other sectoral areas.

The ACEF 2023 Closing Plenary Session aims to inspire regional collaboration and emphasize partnerships that are taking concrete and urgent action to address climate change. It will also highlight and discuss some of the most transformative clean energy strategies and solutions that have been discussed throughout ACEF Week.

Speakers in the session will showcase success stories from both the public and private sectors, and will identify the potential challenges and solutions, and lessons learned. This closing plenary session will offer participants a clear vision on how clean energy practitioners in Asia and the Pacific can work together to scale up and accelerate the clean energy transition across the region.