ACEF Speaker

Joshua Wycliffe

Chief of Operations ,
International Solar Alliance

Mr. Joshua Wycliffe is an international executive with a demonstrated 25-year history-leading and mentoring diverse teams. An inclusive leader who has designed and built high performing administrative systems, processes and teams across geographies ; he is a global expert with best practice virtuosity-visioning, policy excellence, Financial Management, Organisation Transformation, ERP & IT. A truster partner who has mobilized resources for large environmental portfolios. He holds a Master’s in Management(Public Service Administration ) from Massey University, New Zealand and his last designation was that of Permanent Secretary (Chief Executive ) with Ministry of Environment (Waterways, Local Government Urban Development and Housing), Fiji. He is currently the CHIEF OF OPERATIONS with INTERNATIONAL SOLAR ALLIANCE at the ISA Secretariat


  • Closing Plenary: Solidarity and Commitment Toward a Carbon-Neutral Asia and the Pacific with Clean Energy