ACEF Session Types


Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions bring together the ACEF community to hear visionary and thought-provoking perspectives on key issues and opportunities from international thought leaders involved in financing the clean energy transition. ACEF 2024 will have two plenary sessions: an Opening Plenary on Tuesday of ACEF Week and a Closing Plenary on Friday morning.

The Opening Plenary Session “Time for Action Now” will set the tone for the week by highlighting the challenges and prospects for dramatically scaling up the financing of clean energy solutions while continuing to pursue the goal of more inclusive and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific.

The Closing Plenary Session “Providing a Just and Inclusive Clean Energy Transition for All” will aim to inspire regional collaboration and emphasize partnerships that are taking concrete and urgent action to address and finance the clean energy transition and climate change, and to highlight some of the most transformative clean energy financing solutions that have been discussed throughout ACEF Week. The plenary will conclude with a session called “Nobody Left Behind”, which will focus on strategies and examples of an inclusive approach to the energy transition.


Thematic Tracks

Thematic Tracks are the core of ACEF 2024 week and are closely linked with the outcomes of COP28. Each Thematic Track covers specific actions needed to achieve the clean energy transition across Asia and the Pacific. Speakers of the Thematic Tracks are identified through the annual ACEF Call for Abstracts. This year’s four Thematic Tracks will cover renewable energy, energy efficiency, electricity transmission and distribution, and financing solutions for hard to abate sectors.


Deep Dive Workshops

Deep Dive Workshops (DDWs) are marked by in-depth discussions of concepts, ideas, technologies and business models. The format encourages interactive discussions and problem-solving. DDWs are designed and organized by ADB in collaboration with its partner organizations and member countries. DDWs may include cross sectoral approaches (such as energy and water, energy and education, energy and cities, energy and transport) and other energy-related matters (such as regional cooperation, energy storage, energy efficiency, clean heating and cooling solutions, carbon capture utilization and storage, decentralized energy solutions, green hydrogen, climate adaptation of renewables, and smart energy technologies).


Regional Sessions

Regional Sessions present ADB’s clean energy initiatives and experiences in various subregions of Asia and the Pacific—South, Central and West Asia; East and Southeast Asia; and the Pacific.


Spotlight Sessions

Spotlight Sessions highlight special emerging topics related to clean energy technologies, business models, and initiatives. They are organized by ADB and ACEF’s co-organizers, governments and donors.


Energy Finance Day

Energy Finance Day will be designed to address the critical role of private sector finance in the transition towards a sustainable and low-carbon economy. On Wednesday 5 June, a series of sessions will bring together a range of key experts and stakeholders to explore how we can move the level of clean energy investments from "billions" to "trillions".


ADB on the Ground

ADB on the Ground is a fast-paced networking event that will be held on Monday 3 June and will showcase various ADB clean energy projects and initiatives. ADB staff and their local and regional counterparts will deliver presentations to the broader clean energy community attending ACEF, with the twin aims of (a) encouraging South-to-South learning across countries and departments, and (b) increasing awareness about transformative and innovative ADB interventions. ADB on the Ground will provide opportunities for ACEF participants to learn more about new technologies, approaches, and financing mechanisms that can accelerate a shift towards more sustainable, low-carbon energy sources and systems.


Side Events

Side Events provide an outlet for various organizations to discuss, brainstorm, and raise awareness about their clean energy initiatives or programs. ACEF partners need to coordinate Side Events with the ACEF Secretariat and arrange them independently outside of ADB Headquarters (e.g. hotels near ADB) and also to not overlap with the timing of the main ACEF sessions (9:00 AM – 5:30 PM from 3 to 7 June).