Join us for an inspiring seminar where visionaries and experts from the clean energy sector come together to explore groundbreaking ideas and innovative approaches, fueled by the power of blended finance, for advancing the clean energy transition. In this interactive session, participants will have the opportunity to share their visionary proposals for leveraging grant funding and blending it with private sector investments to accelerate the adoption of clean energy technologies and methods. Prompted by the question, "If you had access to $xx million of grant funding for clean energy initiatives, what new technologies, cutting-edge methods, or innovative approaches would you propose to accelerate the clean energy transition?" participants will discuss their proposals, incorporating blended finance, with a panel of experts.


We will examine how blended finance can unlock new avenues for investment and drive transformational change. Participants will explore the partnership between the public and private sectors, explore innovative financing mechanisms, risk-sharing models, and partnerships that can maximize the impact of grant funding and attract additional private capital. The goal is to generate actionable ideas that have the potential to reshape the clean energy landscape and drive sustainable change. The seminar will enable participants to learn from each other, exchange perspectives, and refine their proposals with the guidance of the expert panel. The panelists, comprised of industry leaders, investors, financial experts, and policy experts, will provide feedback, challenge assumptions, and share their insights on leveraging public and private sector collaboration for clean energy innovation. By the end of the deep-dive workshop, participants will gain inspiration and fresh perspectives and take away tangible recommendations and strategies for translating their proposals into impactful projects. The seminar aims to serve to promote transformational innovation, allowing our developing member countries to leapfrog into the future, powered by the partnership between the public and private sector, and blended finance.