Track 6: Technology

June 29th, 2015

Session 12: Distribution and Microgrid Platforms that Integrate High-Penetration of Beyond the Meter Intermittent Renewables
Session 12: Energy Technology Perspectives 2015: Mobilising Innovation to Accelerate Climate Action
Session 12: Energy Asset Management System: Preparation for future grids with high penetration of DERs
Session 12: Load Data Improvement (LDI) Project for Reduced Forced Load Shedding
Smart and Renewable Power System Transformation Overview, Issues, and Projects

Track 2: Renewable Energy

June 25th, 2015

Session 8: Renewable Grid Stability at the Heart of Hybrid Systems
Session 8: Challenges in Integrating Distributed Renewable Energy Generation in Indonesia
Session 8: Off-grid Hybrid Wind/Diesel: Lessons learned and proposed best practices
Session 8: Experience with Hybrid Energy Systems in Minigrids in South-Asia

Track 1: Energy Efficiency

June 25th, 2015

Session 7: Scaling up EEP Funding with Certified Energy Savings Verifiers
Session 7: ASEAN Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programme
Session 7: Monitoring & Verification of Energy Efficiency Programs in India: An Overview
Session 7: Lessons from SME Energy Efficiency Programs in South Africa and Malaysia
Session 7: Development of energy saving obligations for utilities – Energy Efficiency Resource Standards

Track 3: Energy Access

June 25th, 2015

Session 9: Economic Review of Improved Biomass Cooking Solutions in Semi-urban Households
Session 9: Can We Stop Cooking that Kills with Cooking for Life?
Session 9: Challenges with Universal Thermal Energy Access
Session 9: Ensuring access for the most vulnerable

Track 4: Policy and Regulation

June 25th, 2015

Session 10: The Asia Pacific Energy Portal: Charting Asia-Pacific's progress and supporting decision-making in the field of sustainable energy
Session 10: Value Creation vs Value at Risk: Understanding businesses’ perceptions on climate change regulation in Asia
Session 10: Analyzing Affordable Clean Energy Policy Choices in Bangladesh using Enhanced Analytical Techniques
Session 10: China’s National Solar Photovoltaic Policy—What Are the Lessons Learned Since 2009

Track 5: Finance

June 25th, 2015

Session 11: Early Stage Risk Capital for Renewable Energy
Session 11: Innovative Solar Financing in South East Asia
Session 11: IP Monetization in Climate Technology Transfer Promotion
Session 11: 40 Years Into a 100-Year Transition
Session 11: Project Investment and PPP model application in Clean Tech