Session 2.3: Embedding Climate-Resilient and Adaptation Strategies in Energy Systems

May 29th, 2022

Speakers and panelists in this session will discuss a micro-grid approach that has proven resilient for several years after a major typhoon in the Philippines; performance of battery energy storage systems; performance of a new heat exchanger tech in a chicken farm in Vietnam; assessment of climate risks and resilience using macroeconomic modeling; the role of fintech solutions in driving carbon neutrality in Indian MSMEs; and climate resilient energy systems for Southeast Asian island communities.

Session 2.2: Promoting Circular Economy Concepts and Decarbonization within the Energy Sector

May 29th, 2022

Speakers and panelists in this session will cover a range of circular economy approaches, including for renewable energy equipment; the fashon value chain; battery re-use and re-fabrication; and anaerobic digestion and carbon capture. The session will also include discussion of decarbonization of heavy industry and an ADB tool for planning waste management systems and analyzing their environmental, economic, and social performance.

Session 2.1: Integrating Low-Carbon Technologies to Accelerate the Energy Transition

May 29th, 2022

This session will include speakers and panelists covering a range of low-carbon approaches and topics, including carbon capture and storage in oil & gas operations, development of a clean hydrogen hub in Australia, mini-grid development in Papua New Guinea, energy efficiency in Bangladesh, and a Japanese-led clean energy initiative for ASEAN.

Track Chair: David Morgado, Senior Energy Specialist, ADB
Moderator: Kelly Hewitt, Principal Energy Specialist, ADB