Getting Southeast Asia on the Clean Energy Fast Track

May 17th, 2021


An increasing number of governments and businesses are announcing that they are ‘going green'. This gives us optimism that the growing preference for energy efficiency and renewable energy will help accelerate the region's clean energy transition. As ACEF 2021 focuses on the challenges and pathways to fast-track the low-carbon transition in the region, this years’ event also served as an important platform for dialogue leading up to this year's COP26 summit on uniting the world to tackle climate change. ADB’s Southeast Asia Energy Department (SEEN) is holding a virtual workshop to highlight key areas of energy sector development in the region by hosting development partners to share their key activities and discuss opportunities to partner with developing member countries to accelerate the clean energy transition.


A group of development partners with active programs in the Southeast Asia region introduced their respective programs.  Speakers highlighted the support available to assist developing member countries in their journey to clean energy and join in an interactive discussion with attendees on the opportunities, challenges, and gaps for such support.

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