Session 1.2: Rural Clean Energy: A Crucial Solution for NDCs

June 9th, 2020

Description: Rural development is not neglected in the achievement of NDC goals in Asia and the Pacific. The development of rural clean energy is crucial to the realization of NDC goals. This session presented successful cases of rural clean energy and discuss the challenges in its development. Rural clean heating, gas distribution, refrigeration, rural power grid, and other technologies were discussed here. This session provided reference experience for the rural energy development of DMCs and simultaneously call for attention to rural development in NDCs.

Moderator: Xuedu Lu, Lead Climate Change Specialist, Asian Development Bank (ADB)   

 Development and Utilization of Biomass Energy and Ecological Livability in Rural China
Presenter: Quanhui Wang, Director of Rural Energy Centre, Ministry of Agriculture, PRC

The report expounded on the experiences and models of the development and utilization of waste resources in rural China. In association with the implementation of the overall strategy of the Rural Revitalization of the Chinese government, the report put forward the new idea that rural clean energy helps in constructing ecological and liveable countryside.

Community-based PV mini-grid Management in Indonesia: What We Have Learned So Far?
Presenter: Dedy Haning, Director, PT RESCO Sumba Terang

This presentation drew lessons learned from Indonesia’s experience of several ministers in electrifying remote and secluded communities through Photovoltaic technology. The Indonesian PV off-grid has gained a remarkable achievement in slightly over 600 villages, connecting around 75,000 houses, created employment opportunities and offsetting 2,610 tons CO2 per year through kerosene avoidance. From a technical aspect, this program went through at least three generations of the battery system. This presentation focused on learning from challenges on sustaining this program with a central focus on community management aspects and suggests improvements for sustaining the services and improving future programming.

Reducing Energy Consumption in Rural Hinterland
Presenter: Shweta Garg, Manager, Madanand Ashram


  • Moin Uddin, Chairman, Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board, Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources
  • Len George, Senior Energy Specialist, Asian Development Bank (ADB)