ACEF Speaker

Liming Qiao

Head of Asia,
Global Wind Energy Council

"Liming Qiao is currently the Head of Asia at Global Wind Energy Council. Since joining GWEC in 2008, Liming has been in various roles at the association focusing on policy and Asia related issues. Liming’s current focus is on wind energy policy in Asia and she is leading GWEC’s South East Asia (SEA) Task Force, which is a working group with major industry and institutional stakeholders active in SEA to advance better policy for wind energy development in the region. She has been working closely with the wind industry to promote a better policy environment for the wind sector in China and other parts of Asia. Liming pioneered GWEC’s work in new Asian markets like Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan. Liming has been working in the field of climate and energy since 2003, with a focus on renewable energy policy and international climate policy. Before joining GWEC, she worked with international organisations on various climate related programs."


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