ACEF Speaker

Nidhi Gupta

Associate Director,
Environmental Design Solutions

Nidhi Gupta’s professional experience of over fifteen years includes advisory on corporate sustainability portfolio, green building rating development and facilitation, performance evaluation & benchmarking, green dashboard development, program development and implementation for scaling up of affordable, energy efficient and healthy strategies, etc. She has worked with several policy makers, architects, developers, and corporations on implementation of sustainability initiatives in the domain of built environment. Currently, she is working towards integrating environmental thinking, approach and processes into government programs and policies in India and Sri Lanka. As a program manager of the USAID/India MAITREE program, Nidhi worked with UNEP to develop the sustainable public procurement framework for the Ministry of Finance Task Force with a focus on room air conditioners. She co-authored a white paper on “Advancing green cooling through sustainable public procurement”. Nidhi has also worked on development of the sustainable public procurement criteria for servicing and maintenance of green room air conditioners. Currently, she is providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change towards development of the ecolabelling framework for India, an effort under the UNEP Partnership for Action on Green Economy program. She is also a part of global groups working towards women empowerment in climate technology and energy transition.


  • Session 3.1: Energy Efficiency Solutions for Power, Heating and Cooling