As the developing world transitions away from fossil fuels, the demand for renewable energy is growing exponentially. However, while this presents many opportunities, if sited only to maximize wind and solar resource, this has the potential to jeopardize millions of hectares of natural habitat, many threatened species and may even result in the release of millions of tons of stored carbon.

To address this issue, upstream sensitivity mapping can provide a solution by identifying sites of high wind/solar resource but with low environmental sensitivity which are ideal for development as well as sites of high sensitivity that should be avoided. The result of using such tools will mean projects can be developed more quickly, gain regulatory approval and have easier access to lender finance.


The session will look to

  1. set out the opportunities and challenges around the transition to renewable energy
  2. Present how sensitivity mapping can be a key tool for planning of renewable infrastructure facilitating upstream consideration of environmental issues; and
  3. To launch the ADB developed Avian Sensitivity Tool for Energy Planning (AVISTEP) eSensitivity Mapper which will be an open-access tool for developers and regulators to use in renewable and transmission development.


Time (Manila) Activities
10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
    Moderator: Duncan Lang, Senior Environment Specialis, SDCC, STC-ENV
Introductory Speech

  • Hyoung Ryoul Lee – Principal Financing Partnerships Specialist; SDCC, ADB representing Republic of Korea e-Asia and Knowledge Partnership Fund
Keynote Speech

  • Tris Allinson, Senior Conservation Scientist, BirdLife International
Panel Discussion

  • Dr. V.B. Mathur – Chairperson National Biodiversity Authority, India
  • Patricia Zurita – CEO BirdLife International
  • Bruce Dunn – Director; SDSS, ADB

  • Warren Evans, ADB Special Advisor

About the Organizer

The event will be prepared by ADB in collaboration with BirdLife International who are the key delivery partner for the development of the AVISTEP eSensitivity Mapper. They are the world leader in avian sensitivity mapping.