All of our civilization’s activities manifest in the ocean. Carbon emitted is absorbed into the sea. This increases acidification and threatens the life at the bottom of our food chain. This session will look at ways that changes in our civilization can reverse the impact of current industrial processes through application of regenerative industries both on land and in the ocean.


Highlight the interconnected nature of the challenges in waste, energy and the oceans. Explore opportunities to develop regenerative business models which build natural capital and economic development.


Time (Manila) Activities
10:30-10:35 a.m. Remarks from Moderator
Introduction to ADB Healthy Oceans and Sustainable Blue Economies Action Plan and the challenge oceans face.
10:35-10:42 a.m. Opening remarks and scene setter talk
10:42-10:54 a.m. The Business of the Ocean: Describing the linkages between waste, energy, and the ocean in the current marine
environment. Providing an overview of opportunities to create natural capital and economic growth. Talking about risks and how
to overcome them.
10:54-11:06 a.m. Changes in the way we deal with waste: Changing the way we deal with waste, eco-industrial parks and new ways
of dealing with flyash from waste to energy projects.


11:06-11:18 a.m. Integrating coastal defenses and aquaculture into Offshore Renewable Energy Solutions: Showcasing examples of where regenerative
aquaculture can assist in re-inventing the sustainable seafood business (low carbon and climate-resilient) and application of
cultivated/engineered reefs, mangroves and coastal infrastructure insurance policies
11:18-11:55 a.m. Panel Discussion; The way forward to align various solutions together for a healthier and more regenerative ocean
11:55 a.m. -12:00 p.m. Closing Remarks


  • Anna Oposa, Consultant Sustainable Blue Oceans, SDCC-ETG
  • Woochong Um, Managing Director General, Asian Development Bank
  • Belinda Bramley, NLAI
  • Sietse A. Agema, CTO-AWECT
  • Scott Countryman, Founder of
  • Dan Millison, Consultant, SDCC-ENE
  • Francesco Ricciardi, Safeguards Specialist, SDCC-ETG
  • Amber Sparks, Co-Founder of Blue Latitudes Inc.
  • Stephen Peters, Snr Energy Specialist (Waste to Energy), SDCC-ENE

About the Organizers

The ADB healthy Oceans Working Group and the SDCC Energy Group are developing a number of ocean-related activities to fulfill ADB’s pledge on healthy oceans from 2019.

Point of Contact

Steve Peters, ADB