Pre-Forum Event

The Future of Floating PV Technology in Asia

Hosted By: The Norwegian Embassy in Manila, the Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster, with support from Embassy of Netherland and German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry

This session will focus on the emerging field of floating solar technology and its advantages. We will delve into the technological advancements driving the adoption of floating solar systems, exploring their adaptability to various environmental conditions, from inland water bodies to offshore installations. Through case studies and discussions on synergies with complementary technologies like energy storage and grid integration, we aim to provide insights into the potential and challenges of integrating floating solar into the broader renewable energy landscape. Participating companies will present their latest technology, together with contributions from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) experts on how the technology could potentially accelerate the uptake of clean energy investments in the region. Sufficient time will be set aside for further discussion among panelists and the general audience.