This session focuses on business and financing models for enhancing access to energy access. The presentations highlight innovative approaches, successful programs, and the need for increased investments in decentralized renewable energy (DRE) and clean tech businesses in Asia. A speaker from Indonesia will describe the strategy of the MENTARI program to develops renewable energy anchor businesses within off-grid projects in Indonesia. A speaker from IRENA will draw on IRENA’s latest report to describe the global landscape of renewable energy finance and investment trends, and regional trends in Asia. A speaker from the World Resources Institute will discuss the challenges and opportunities in mainstreaming access to productive use of energy (PUE) products through decentralized renewable energy (DRE), examining different end-user financing and business models, such as pay-as-you-go and pay-per-use, with the aim to to understand their impact from the perspective of both the end-user and the implementing agency. Finally, a speaker from EnergyLab will session showcase a program in Cambodia that supports the development of clean tech businesses in the agri-fishery market, with a focus on solar technology.