ACEF Speaker

Eva Kelly Oberender


Eva Kelly Oberender is an expert in renewable energy financing and climate change policy with a deep understanding and proven industry experience within the clean energy sector. In her over 15 years with REEEP, she has taken on a variety of leading strategic roles and been integral in driving forward REEEP’s mission to advance market readiness for clean energy services in low- and middle-income countries. She is currently on the management team of the Private Financing Advisory Network and since early 2022 has headed the organisation as REEEP’s CEO. Before joining REEEP, Eva worked for the Clean Energy Council and for the Federal Department of Environment of Australia on energy efficiency regulation. Having worked in the private, non-governmental and the government sectors, Eva has a wealth of knowledge about the various needs and agendas of each of these sectors. She holds degrees in economics, linguistics and environmental policy, and speak several languages including English, German and Czech fluently.


  • Session 4.2: Innovative Business Models and Financing Mechanisms for Renewable Energy
  • Deep Dive Workshop: USAID/USG Partnership for Southeast Asia's Clean and Inclusive Energy Future
  • Spotlight Session: Digital Technology as a Driver of Decarbonization