Pre-Forum Event

Climate Resilience for Energy Security in Southeast Asia

Hosted By: International Energy Agency (IEA)

Given that climate change impacts on energy systems are likely to grow in the coming decades, building climate resilience becomes more important than ever. The energy system in Southeast Asia finds itself increasingly vulnerable to climate change, due to the increasing impacts from heatwaves, heavy rainfalls, floods, droughts and intense tropical cyclones. In this context, enhancing the climate resilience of Southeast Asia’s energy system emerges as paramount for ensuring energy security and facilitating energy transitions.

The forthcoming event, “Advancing Climate Resilience for Energy Security in Southeast Asia” seeks to identify how climate change affects the energy sector in Southeast Asia and how we can promote strategic actions to enhance climate resilience. The unveiling of the International Energy Agency (IEA)’s report, “Climate Resilience for Energy Security in Southeast Asia”, will provide a scientific assessment of climate risks and impacts on energy systems across varying climate scenarios.

Drawing together key stakeholders, including governments, energy companies, international organisations and research institutes, the event aims to foster a robust exchange of insights and expertise. It will provide a platform for disseminating the latest information on climate risks and their implications while fostering dialogues on resilience measures. The event is expected to catalyse actions for cultivating climate-resilient and sustainable energy systems as well as regional collaboration by harnessing collective wisdom.