Session 1.2: Rural Clean Energy: A Crucial Solution for NDCs

February 20th, 2020

Rural areas cannot be a neglected part in the development of NDC targets for Asia and the Pacific countries. The development of rural clean energy is crucial to the realization of countries’ NDC goals. This session will feature successful cases of rural clean energy initiatives, and discuss challenges in their development. The discussions will cover clean heating, gas distribution, refrigeration, rural power grids and other technologies. This session will provide reference experience for the rural energy development of DMCs and meanwhile call for attention to rural development in NDC. We welcome submissions on topics that support ADB’s Operational Priority to address poverty and reduce inequalities.

Potential topics in this session could include:

  • Innovative micro- and mini grids with renewables in remote areas, as a strategy to reduce emissions from
  • conventional diesel mini-grids[Philippine, Indonesia, etc.]
  • Community-based (and community-owned) energy systems and business models
  • Analysis of the socio-economic impacts of rural energy
  • Rural clean heating, gas distribution, and other applications and end uses and applications