Session 1.3: Technology Roadmaps for Key Technologies: Approaches and Findings

February 20th, 2020

The revisions of NDCs in 2020 are an opportunity to put countries on a climate-compatible pathway, via appropriate target-setting for effective clean energy technologies. The main contributors for drastic emissions reductions for a global energy transformation are i) renewable energy, ii) energy efficiency measures and iii) increased electrification of end-uses such as heating and transport. These are also essential technologies for ADB projects under the 7 Operational Priorities in ADB’s Strategy 2030.

This session will include discussion of the technology developments in renewables and energy efficiency, electrification, and other sectors, and approaches for setting more ambitious target in energy roadmaps with regulatory changes needed for the NDCs. Speakers will include international practitioners, ADB professionals, and officials from ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs).

Potential topics in this session could include:

  • Challenges and solutions for higher penetration of renewable energy into existing power grids (focused on government agencies and grid companies in ADB’s DMCs)
  • Synergies between the power sector and electrification of other sectors, such as heat and transport. (e.g., EV100 members, developers of EV charging infrastructure, and utilities and government agencies in ADB’s DMCs]
  • Application of innovative digital technology to overcome the challenges in ambitious energy roadmaps
  • Energy efficiency in the demand-side, especially the building sector (targeting executing agencies in ADB’s DMCs)
  • sub-regional energy roadmap in Asia and the Pacific
  • Energy roadmap in a country or city
  • Strategies for optimizing energy systems