Track 1. NDC Roadmaps: Tracing Future Paths with Technology Roadmaps for Countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

March 30th, 2021

Track 1 considered long-term issues faced by ADB’s DMCs. The ability to balance economic growth, poverty reduction, and tackle climate change—known as the Energy Trilemma—will require innovative technologies and business models. To better equip the DMCs in achieving their NDC targets, the Track has explored issues and strategies for confronting the energy transition. Discussion topics included energy sufficiency, flexibility, and reliability to meet development goals; energy access; climate issues and resiliency; financing such as transition finance and green bonds; and strategies for private sector intervention.

Potential topics in Track 1 included:

  • Future pathways and technology roadmaps (emergent technologies, transition fuels)
  • Balancing economic goals with the low-carbon transition (cross-sectoral issues)
  • Transition financing: innovative models for clean energy transition