Opening Plenary

Time for Action Now

Governments in Asia and the Pacific continue to face a multi-pronged set of complex issues related to the clean energy transition and climate change. More than 50% of the global annual greenhouse gas emissions are from this region, which also bears a significant burden of the global impacts of climate change from extreme weather conditions and droughts. At the same time, governments in this region and globally have recently raised their ambitions and commitments for action on climate change, and it is now time for urgent action to keep the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 °C within reach.

The ACEF Opening Plenary Session sets the tone for the week. This opening plenary session will highlight the challenges and prospects for dramatically scaling up the financing of clean energy solutions while continuing to pursue the goal of more inclusive and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. The session will delve into the critical role of clean energy in directing development efforts towards carbon neutral pathways.

Speakers in the plenary will come from governments, the private sector and leading international organizations. They will describe current trends and share their views on future prospects and opportunities for rapidly scaling up clean energy in Asia and the Pacific within an increasingly complex global energy landscape. Presentations and discussions will cover the key global challenges, such as establishing quick-win policies, accelerating the uptake of renewable energy and energy efficiency, innovative financing models, transforming energy markets through improved governance and reforms, supporting innovative technologies and business models, and leveraging more on private sector investment to move from billions to trillions.