ACEF Speaker

Antonio Ver

Co-chairman & CEO,
Energies PH, Inc.

He served as Independent Director in the Philippines Electricity Market Corporation managing the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market up to the June 2015. He was Founder and first-elected President of Asia Pacific Basin for Energy Strategies, a Think tank in Special Consultative Status in UN-ECOSOC. He was first-grantee of a Tidal Energy Service Contract, and first and only recipient of a Certificate of Declaration of Commerciality from the Energy Department; and achieved financial close of the nearest to Metro Manila 115 MWdc Solar Pv power plant in Baras, Rizal to be completely built in January 2023. Energies PH, Inc. is a start-up with a pipeline of up to 500 MWdc Solar Pv power plants, and launches on June 14, 2022 the “Nationwide Microgrid Program” in off-grid Islands in San Bernardino Strait, bundling Tidal, Solar, Battery Energy Storage and re-charged hydrogen fuels to empower the deepest communities in the hinterlands.