ACEF Speaker

Dan Millison

Delta C, LLC

Dan Millison has 35+ years professional experience including 20+ years working on clean energy and climate change financing. He is the founder of Delta C, LLC, a consultancy specializing in deploying advanced conductors for high voltage transmission and distribution lines to increase capacity and efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving grid resilience. Delta C is providing technical support for upgrading a high voltage transmission line in northern Luzon which is required for wind power expansion. Aside from the transmission activities, Dan has helped clients secure more than $1 Billion in climate change co-financing for a broad spectrum of clean energy and sustainable transport investments totaling more than $5 Billion. He is currently supporting ADB's programs for innovative technology and business models in energy sector and climate change operations as well as the MARES technical assistance program.


  • Session 2.4: Incubators for Clean Energy Innovation
  • Deep Dive Workshop: No Transmission – No Transition! 21st Century T&D Systems for Net Zero
  • Deep Dive Workshop: An Ocean of Energy
  • Regional Session: Green Transformation of District Heating and Cooling