ACEF Speaker

Michael Lochinvar Abundo

Oceanpixel Pte Ltd

Dr. Michael Abundo is a green (and blue) techno-preneur who specializes in Marine Renewable Energy (with pilot projects in small island developing states and ‘tropical’ solutions) and other technology-enabled, innovation-infused sustainability transitions. He has over 15 years of experience in various roles in the Innovation and Research, Development, & Demonstration (RD&D) Ecosystems of the Asia-Pacific Region working with academe, industry, and government. He has contributed to the inclusion Marine Renewable Energy into South East Asia’s Energy mix at various scales (e.g. energy harvesting, micro-grid, grid-tied/large scale)and for a spectrum of applications (e.g. vessel, ports, aquaculture, etc). Michael is handling R&D/Project collaborations between industry, academe, and government focusing on Digitalization, Data Processing and Management, Autonomous Vehicles (land, air, sea -surface and underwater), Internet-of-Things (IoT), Human Factors, etc in applications such as robotics, food security, resiliency, energy, defense, traffic management (air and vessel), sustainable operations, and the wider Blue Economy. He has successfully initiated, executed, and handed-over a community-based energy intervention programmes especially for accelerated post-disaster recovery with a sustainability plan involving various stakeholders (e.g. NGOs, Academe, Industry, local gov’t).


  • Session 4.3: Digitalization of Renewable Energy Systems
  • Regional Session: Pacific Energy Transition - Hard Choices