ACEF Speaker

Pradeep Bhattarai

Programme Officer,
Prakriti Resources Centre

Pradeep Bhattarai has a degree in Environmental Management and is passionate about environmental conservation and climate change work. Currently, he holds the position of Programme Officer at Prakriti Resources Centre (PRC). He has rich experience in working on environmental issues including climate change and energy for the last 6 years and good network with national and international organizations on climate change. Pradeep has been closely following climate change negotiations mainly on climate finance and mitigation under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). He attended the 24th session of the Conference of Parties to UNFCCC and UNFCCC Bangkok Session in 2018. He is also a grantee of Joke Waller-Hunter Initiatives (JWH Initiatives) of Both Ends, Netherlands. He has good experience and exposure to international climate change negotiation under United Nations (UN). He has published many papers related to climate change issues and advocating for climate justice in Nepal.