ACEF Speaker

Sika Gadzanku

Energy Technology and Policy Researcher,
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Sika Gadzanku is an energy technology and policy researcher in the Accelerated Deployment and Decision Support (ADDS) Center at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Sika is the technical lead for NREL’s floating solar efforts. She manages several floating solar projects such as the Southeast Asia Floating Solar Assessment Study and coordinates and executes some U.S. and international technical assistance efforts focused on grid integration of renewables. Her work also involves grid-scale modeling and analysis, and research on changes in the energy workforce. Upon joining NREL in 2019, she brought research experience on climate change impacts on hydropower in Sub-Saharan Africa, waste-to-energy technologies, and power systems planning efforts in Ghana and Nigeria. She also has professional experience in energy consulting and distilling complex technical information to policymakers and the general public.


  • Session 4.1: Current Status and Future Trends in Renewable Energy in Asia and the Pacific
  • Spotlight Session: Digital Technology as a Driver of Decarbonization