Session 2.1: Economy-wide Energy Evolution

February 20th, 2020

To deliver a sustainable energy future, it will be essential to engage with stakeholders across the economy, beyond the energy sector, in order to shape the future of energy supply, demand, use, and capacity. Multiple economic sectors affect energy demand and continued to expanded energy access, while supporting the region’s transition to a low-carbon path of development using advanced technologies, new business models and other innovative designs.

This session will bring together regional experts and innovators, along with officials from ADB’s DMCs, to present recent experience developing sustainable energy with value additions from multiple sectors. Presentations can include case studies from education, policy, legal, and regulatory spheres to support the shift from an inefficient, linear extractive economy to a more efficient, cleaner, and inherently sustainable circular economy. Speakers may come from a variety of sectors, including education, law & regulation, energy services, and others, with priority placed on speakers from Asia and the Pacific.

Potential topics in this session could include:

  • Education and vocational/technical training for workforce readiness
  • Legal and regulatory reforms required for the energy transition: renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, new technologies and business models, etc.
  • Energy planning for services other than electricity
  • Successes in energy efficiency and next-generation grid. This may include programs and policies that work to unlock artificial intelligence and automation, virtual power plants, or other approaches to provide affordable and reliable energy services.
  • Real solutions for clean energy materials and life-cycle management. This may include materials re-use for renewables or battery components, end-of-life management and disposal, successful models for hazardous waste management in DMCs, and eco-industrial parks.