Session 4.2: High Level Technology and Innovative Design for Power System Resilience

February 20th, 2020

This session will highlight recent and upcoming experience for ADB and its developing member countries (DMCs) advanced technologies for power system resilience. Energy infrastructure remains dominated by fossil fuel assets and will remain so for some time, even as the energy transition accelerates.

Potential topics in this session could include:

  • Improving resilience planning, operations and maintenance, including remote sensing and artificial intelligence applications
  • Use of high-level technology in climate-proofing of energy infrastructure—e.g., advanced conductors, dynamic line ratings, 21st century SCADA
  • Big data: role of advanced data, modeling, and analysis to support sector assessments and planning for electricity and other energy forecasting
  • Micro-grids and virtual power plants
  • Floating energy infrastructure
  • Cyber security