Session 4.3: Managing for Resilience

February 20th, 2020

Climate change and increasing extreme events have posed greater challenges for energy utilities as they operate and maintain the energy infrastructure. Improving management capacity can increase the reliability and resilience of the energy supply in the most economic and efficient manner. In this sense, energy resilience could be achieved by taking proactive measures, introducing emergency plans and working procedure, enhancing coordination and synergy with other public service department etc. This session will focus on operation and maintenance related knowledge/practice sharing between countries, electric utilities and other energy service enterprises.

Potential topics in this session could include:

  • Power transmission and distribution systems: 21st century operations and maintenance programs to ensure system reliability
  • An emergency management approach and coordination mechanism
    • Remote monitoring, prediction, and early-warning
    • Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR)
    • Asset distribution and resource deployment
    • Training for emergency
  • Leveraging ICT technology for accident prevention, minimizing losses, and accelerating recovery
  • Enhancing community resilience