This session will have three key areas of focus: energy efficiency opportunities in existing overhead transmission lines; the implementation of BioEnergy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) technology for decarbonization; and the potential of small-scale private sector investments in clean energy from the demand side. A speaker from ADB will explore the significant energy efficiency potential of existing overhead transmission lines. Attendees will learn about the use of high-temperature / low-sag conductors (HTLS) to upgrade these lines, doubling their capacity while reducing line losses. A speaker from Marquis Energy Global will describe how Marquis permanently stores more than 1 million tons of biogenic CO2 annually by capturing CO2 during the bio-ethanol fermentation process and injecting it into a suitable underground formation. A speaker from WeGen Energy Philippines will describe the potential of small-scale private sector investments into clean energy on the demand side. Participants will learn about the implementation of solar installations for direct consumption by electricity consumers.