Deep Dive Workshop

Collaborative Dynamics in Clean Energy: Roles of Governments, International Organizations, and the Private Sector

Organized by: Korea Energy Agency (KEA)

The global energy landscape is rapidly evolving against a backdrop of increasing ‘uncertainty’ and ‘volatility’ spurred by regional disparities and geopolitical tensions. At the same time, the world is confronting the dual challenges of ensuring energy security and achieving carbon neutrality. To address these challenges, countries are deploying a range of strategies, including efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and foster decarbonization through the development and use of carbon-free energy sources and the adoption of energy efficiency policies and measures.

In particular, there are a number significant challenges that could slow achievement of the ambitious national goals that many countries have made under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. This underscores the urgent and critical need for collaboration among multiple stakeholders to expedite the realization of these national and global commitments.