Pre-Forum Event

From Pledge to Action: Energy Efficiency in the Asia Pacific (Roundtable)

Hosted By: CLASP, Mission Efficiency, and SEforAll


This roundtable convenes energy efficiency experts, government representatives, financial institutions, philanthropic organizations, and other key stakeholders to chart a collaborative path towards doubling regional energy efficiency by 2030. Through dynamic discussions, participants will assess current readiness, identify regional strengths and opportunities, and develop a concrete action roadmap. Leveraging the power of partnerships, this roadmap will translate global pledges into tangible progress to achieve energy efficiency targets.


COP28’s global stocktake along with the Global Renewables & Energy Efficiency Pledge call on countries to work together to double the global average annual rate of energy efficiency improvements by 2030. This target requires an all-hands approach involving stronger policies, de-risking finance and a widespread adoption of efficient technologies and services. To realize this target, tripling investments in energy efficiency to over USD 1.8 trillion by 2030 is necessary.  

While policies and technologies necessary to double energy efficiency improvements are widely recognized and readily available, the critical challenge now lies in charting a path from the COP28 Pledge to actionable steps. Collaboration is imperative to avoid duplication and make the most with the limited time and resources.   

With over half of the world's population, a rapidly growing demand for cooling, and rising expectations for improved living standards, the Asia Pacific region plays a pivotal role in achieving global energy efficiency targets. The region's energy intensity increased by a significant 201% between 2000 and 2021, highlighting its vast potential for greater efficiency. Furthermore, over 400 million people are projected to move from rural areas to towns and cities by 2050, creating opportunities for efficient infrastructure development that fosters thriving communities. 

Mission Efficiency is an energy efficiency ecosystem that harnesses the collective knowledge, resources, and expertise of its partners to facilitate delivery of impactful solutions across sectors and regions, fostering commitments and actions. This roundtable will bring together key stakeholders in the region to discuss collaboration opportunities and explore opportunities of a collective path to double energy efficiency progress this decade, particularly with the intent of generating actionable steps that stakeholders can adopt or advocate towards that goal.