The session, tentatively 2-3 hours would cover ADB experience in various innovative technologies and business models in PRC and Mongolia with potential replication in other DMCs.


  • PRC: Carbon capture of CO2 from a steel mill plant and use it as feedstock for concrete production.
  • PRC: District Cooling initiatives in industrial parks and new developments
  • MON: Use of Battery storage for frequency control and load shifting.
  • MON: Modernization of the national power grid for automatic dispatch and grid balance.

Business Models:

  • PRC: Guarantees for issuance of clean air bonds complying with CBI standard to support low-carbon development.
  • Energy Efficiency financing for MSME using FIs,
  • Private sector EE leasing for SMEs


  • Raise awareness of current innovative technologies and business models used in East Asia with potential replication for other DMCs.
  • Build partnerships and support networking among stakeholders of various DMCs to learn from each other and collaborate.