Spotlight Session

Energy Systems for Climate Resilience: Strategic and Technical Solutions

Organized by: Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Countries in Asia and the Pacific region are experiencing adverse impacts of climate extremes; increase incidence of extreme heat, droughts, heavy rains, and rising sea levels. These impacts are already affecting the performance of energy infrastructure and the services they provide to businesses and communities. This means that energy systems built over the next decades will operate under very different climate conditions to today, and decisions made today to invest in energy systems can either lock-in development patterns for decades or steer development in resilient directions. In other words, climate change will fundamentally alter the context in which energy systems are planned, financed, designed, implemented, and operated, and these impacts are to be further exacerbated in the future due to increasing interconnectivity of our investment operations. 

In this context of rapidly changing landscape of climate risk, focusing on asset-focused approaches for making energy infrastructure climate resilient is no longer going to be sufficient. We need a change an approach where robust understanding of multi-hazard climate risk forms the basis for deciding investments in energy systems including targeted investments in the energy sector that will be critical for strengthening societal resilience, especially focusing on lives, health, and livelihoods of the poor and vulnerable population.