With the recent release of ChatGPT, the adoption of artificial intelligence has accelerated and is becoming a mainstream technology. This creates a range of benefits and risks. However, through concerted action, these tools can be harnessed to accelerate decarbonization across the economy.

Digitalization brings the promise of higher productivity, economic growth, improved efficiency, and convenience, among others. Converting this promise into a just transition involves several steps including identifying reliable data, making that data accessible, building the infrastructure, conveying data, and building the applications to support conveyance and the human interfaces to receive and comprehend the insights provided by that data. McKinsey recently said that the technologies for a just transition exist. Similarly, data on planetary ecosystems, business operations and technology are all readily available.

This Spotlight Session will have two 90-minute sessions to discuss energy digitalization through cloud and apps. Each session will have scene setter to introduce the overall theme or topic of the session. This will be followed by presentations from selected speakers and panel discussion.


The sessions will discuss the applications of digitalization, examples of its use and how it will transform our approach towards decarbonization.